Akiko Mega

I’m the founder of The Mega Center. I used to design brand experience in fashion. Now I design change. I coach people to lead in the different areas of their lives- all of them.

(I’m ICF-trained and NLP certified. If you’re a business leader, in HR, or looking for a leadership consultant/coach for your organization, my professional bio is here. Read on for more of a sense of who I am!)

I parent solo. I own my business. I dream. I write. I walk. I think and feel through choices before acting. I’m Tokyo, Paris, American Suburbia: Meguro now, the 9eme in the naughts, Mountain Lakes in the 90’s, Lake Highlands in the 80’s to be exact.

My professional experience runs wide- art direction, experience design, general management, consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship- but with a sharp focus on What Matters: What’s authentic? What’s your story? Where are you going? Why are you here? What stops you in your tracks? Being there, how will you/we all thrive?

In becoming that person, what is the difference you’ll make - for yourself, for others, for your community- the world?

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More on our practitioners coming soon!