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Questions our clients wanted to know prior to sessions.

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What is coaching?

The premise of coaching is to get to the heart of the question: “What do you really, really, really want for yourself, your life?” The coaching process is there for you to identify it, to chart the course to get there, and to unpack whatever roadblocks may get in the way of you reaching that destination. Using a combination of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), co-active coaching, mindfulness, and wholeness, the client explores ways to get back to their Authentic Self. We unlearn non-productive behavior, learn and adopt behavior that is in alignment to our values. Then, we observe how the world around us responds and changes when we are aligned to that authenticity.

DO you ACCEPT coverING life topics in Leadership coaching?

A masterful executive coach once told me- "Look. I coach executives. Executives have lives. If they want to explore it, I go there.” This rings true for me, as well. I also see leadership- not in the think piece way, but in how we lead. As in “leading by example”. “Leading life”. Of course it can mean leading teams and organizations, too.

How much are sessions and how long do they run?

Most private clients opt for the four month package- Breakthrough- or The First Ninety Days. These programs are made of 45 minute weekly sessions, up to four sessions per month. I have a few programs, depending on the needs of the client. Session fees are in proportion to income.

We recognize corporate needs for coaching within an L&D context are different to those of individuals. Contact us for an exploratory call.

When are COACHING session hours?

Coaching sessions are available from 7:30AM to 5:00PM, Tuesdays to Fridays. Please contact us here to learn about our other services.

IN What languages are sessions available?

Coaching is available in English, Japanese, French. Osteopathy in Japan: Japanese, English. Osteopathy and Pilates in Singapore: English

WHere are you located?

We’re glad you ask. We are based in Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore and work in these cities as well as with clients in New York, San Francisco, Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and in the US.

You might be looking for a location- by “Center”, we mean, as in the etymology- the point where two compasses cross. We work with the intersections of where life meets work and play. Both clients and practitioners, we are people interacting and crossing each other on the path.

We will be opening seasonal locations starting summer 2019. Let us know if you want to be in the loop and updated!


The short answer- no. Coaching is a process and method that allows me to work with tech executives, management consultants from large multinational firms, entrepreneurs. We have productive and effective sessions, regardless of what our backgrounds have been. However- I do work with and have a strong affinity with people from the places I know intimately- fashion and design- whether with designers or other creatives, or management. I possess a certain level of access and insight into my clients’ environments, having worn both creative and leadership hats in fashion.