Here’s an open letter to share with partners, if you’re in a loving, closed relationship- or to share with people you’ve matched with.


SwipeKriya is the yoga of swiping-  it’s a practice that I’m personally committed to- and one that I use in sessions and workshops. I use online dating apps to check in with myself around how I’m using intention, being aware, and taking action toward what’s important to me in my life. 

While being on an online dating app might seem like I’m on it for dating or hooking up- I’m not.  I want to be transparent in this with you and will be with anyone I meet on the app. 

I invite you to join me. We could try it with others - or match with only each other and be in a closed practice together. It’s up to us to create our agreement and experience, and be in the practice of showing up ethically and consciously. If you prefer not to join, I understand. It might seem counterintuitive and it might bring up some triggers for some people- but it’s really no less threatening than me trying or joining a yoga asana class or a workshop at work. 

Ultimately, this is one place to practice being present, honest, and taking action from a place of authenticity. Not from a place of what seems to make sense, what others consider attractive or successful, or a place of Should. We can and do practice this in meditation. On the yoga mat. Walking. Eating breakfast. Anywhere life brings us. In this case, in swiping. 

As I go deeper in the practice, I intend to learn more about myself, how I am showing up and standing up for what’s important in my life- and invite presence and action spill over into ALL parts of my life. 

When I’m true to what is important and vital to my authentic self, learn to communicate authentically, and move through the world from this place, I find my authentic power. We find our authentic power. And we can create good things in the world from this place. 

Ask me anything! Share with me how you feel. I may not have all the answers but I will answer to the best of my ability - from a place of deep presence and open heartedness. 

Thanks for listening. 

I’m excited to be more present to myself and each other and to the world around us.

Speaking about Swiping as a Practice, at the Bali Spirit Festival and Pecha Kucha Night, March 2019.

Speaking about Swiping as a Practice, at the Bali Spirit Festival and Pecha Kucha Night, March 2019.