Happy Clients


“I appreciate Akiko’s ability to see what needs to shift, and her talent to cut to the chase with compassion and honesty, allowing you to get there in your own way, time and unique manner. She holds space for transformation and empowerment, while also challenging you to discover your unearthed passions and take your “game" to the next level. She has been instrumental in supporting Sun and Moon Yoga in the next stage in our development to serve our community and future generations.


Akiko is a very intuitive, passionate and visionary coach. She helped me access a more playful, inquisitive side of myself through her presence with me. This enabled me to look at what the possibilities could be and step outside what I considered to be the rules guiding my life. The result has been a new found ability to tap into a more adventurous exploration of what more I can do that brings me fulfillment. This was an amazing, liberating experience. I highly recommend Akiko as a coach.


”Akiko is incredibly perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring. She helped me to focus and create a vision for my business that is really in alignment with my life's purpose. I’m better able to look at challenges in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I’m a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Akiko."

— Paweł Karbowski


“ I have always been an analytical person or at least, that’s what I have always thought. Akiko helped me to discover the truly diverse and unique parts of myself that I had buried for so long in the quest for success on the “traditional path.” I was able to embrace not only the the mental as well as the spiritual, the analytical as well as the creative. I feel like a more complete, whole, authentic version of myself, and it has totally transformed my career, lifestyle, and enjoyment of life. Thank you, Akiko!”  



"Akiko is a phenomenal coach. She has an amazing ability to see, understand, and inspire clients to grow, expand and take courageous action in their lives. She is whole hearted, present, and a role model for living a life of purpose. "