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We help individual clients to thrive in a way that is unique and authentic to them. We help organizations manage change, culture, and growth through Wellness Consulting.

Create fulfillment. Wholeness. Excitement. Be empowered.

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What do I really, really want? What do we want for our people? Coaching is the process to identify that, to chart the course to get there, and to train neural, motor, and emotional pathways toward new behavior that create best and authentic versions of you- and better outcomes for your life.

Become, and be the change.

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We’ve just launched seeCHANGE as a new series of conversations in interview format with people from the mega, community. We’re stopping to see and share the steps we’ve taken to create change in our lives and in turn, in our communities.

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Our Practice

About me, Akiko Mega, and the collaborators I’ve invited to deliver pathways toward wellness and wholeness, and thriving ways to be.


“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

— William Arthur Ward


So what is standing in your way? Let’s figure it out and go.

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Happy to Serve

We believe that each person’s unique journey to Aligned and Whole Selves is also their path to greater contribution- in whatever way you measure it. Some happy clients share from their experiences from sessions- from California and beyond.